David Horton

David Horton

Implementation Director
Williamstown, Kentucky

David Horton has been involved in construction for more than 25 years.  He first spent time as a carpenter, as well as performing other trades.  Seeking to solve problems with flawed buildings, he sought out training from nationally recognized organizations, such as BPI, RESNET, GBCI, NCI, HIRL, PHIUS and others.

David has trained and provided quality assurance to dozens of HERS Raters and Energy Auditors.  David also provides training support to the Certified Passive House Builder training program for Phius.

David has served as the LEED Green Rater on hundreds of LEED Homes and buildings, totaling thousands of dwelling units.  David has also served as the PHIUS+ Rater or Verifier on some of the first, cutting edge passive building projects in OH, KY & IN.  He has also served passive house projects in varying capacities throughout the country.

David has spoken at local, regional and national green building conferences on a variety of building science related topics.

David has been a builder, delivering projects in the retail, healthcare, multifamily and custom single family home spaces.  All of these projects have had some component that was high performance, green program certified and beyond code.

David is currently retrofitting a farmhouse in North-Central Kentucky, in hopes that it can be a net zero energy, organic farm, governed by principles of permaculture.  His goal is to provide all things his family consumes from the land they live on and share the remaining abundance with families in need.

David is also a husband, father, coach, and desperately fighting off father time.  He is a mediocre powerlifter and an even worse jiu-jitsu player.  David hopes to leave the world a better place than he found it, for his children, grandchildren, and generations to come through building dwellings, building soil and building people.