Energy Rebate Programs

Valuable Incentives for Homebuilders


Many local Energy Service Providers (ESPs) work with homebuilders and developers to lower the strain on their power grids by providing cash rebates, credits, and other incentives. Some ESPs will provide credits for the installation of specific energy equipment and features. Others might provide cash rebates for exceeding certain energy consumption standards. We have seen them all in our years of energy compliance and can help navigate these under utilized and often overlooked incentives.


ESPs create standards to qualify for their incentives, which may require additional testing and inspection. With the help of a qualified energy rating company, homebuilders and developers must provide the appropriate documentation to claim these incentives.


There are numerous different energy rebate programs. When performing HERS Ratings, testing and inspecting for Local Energy Code Compliance, or the §45L Energy Efficient Home Credit, ICS Inspectors can also perform any necessary tests, collect needed documentation, and submit the forms to qualify for these valuable energy rebate programs.

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