Our Company


ICS Inspectors, LLC (ICS) is a national provider of Home Energy Rating Systems (HERS) services for building code compliance, the 45L Energy Efficient Home Credit, and local energy rebate programs. With offices located throughout the United States, ICS provides service nationwide.


From concept to close of escrow and from land to lease, ICS provides Local Energy Code Compliance, HERS Ratings, Energy Rebate Programs, and the 45L Energy Efficient Home Credit. With the combined knowledge and experience of HERS Raters, CPAs, and attorneys, ICS provides complete solutions tailored for each client.


  • ICS approaches every project thoughtfully with an unparalleled team of experts.
  • The ICS team has the combined expertise and best practices, and has performed ratings for homebuilders of all sizes including some of our country’s largest residential builders.
  • All IECC Energy Finals are reviewed and signed by a RESNET-certified HERS rater.
  • We strongly advocate for our clients and are tenacious in providing experienced, thorough, and insightful inspections.
  • ICS performs free preliminary analyses for all service lines while capping fees to guarantee outstanding value.
  • We provide frequent updates and maintain open communication so that inspections proceed efficiently, build-times are prioritized, and delays are minimized.
  • Our inspections are complete and thorough by providing all necessary compliance as well as tax credits and local energy rebate programs.