ICS Inspectors is now a RESNET Accredited Rating Provider

ICS Inspectors is excited to be officially recognized as an Accredited Rating Provider through RESNET, the Residential Energy Services Network. As a rating provider, we can now issue certificates for HERS, Energy Star, the Zero Energy Ready Home program, and Code Compliance directly to our clients.

We routinely perform energy efficiency inspections and diagnostic testing on new single family and multifamily homes. Our inspection team consists of ten RESNET Certified HERS Raters, three RESNET Rating Field Inspectors, and four inspectors in training. Noe Montalvo is our Quality Assurance Designee (QAD) responsible for the quality, accuracy, and consistency of our energy ratings. Our quality assurance process provides our clients with peace of mind knowing that all RESNET standards and policies are being met on every single rated home.

ICS Inspectors is also a proud partner of both ENERGY STAR and the Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home program, both of which provide home builders with tremendous income tax savings through the §45L Energy Efficient Home Credit. Together with our sister company ICS Tax, we have claimed millions of dollars in tax credits for our residential home builder and multifamily clients.

Our experts are here to help. For home energy code compliance, energy efficiency tax incentives, and other residential certification and consulting services, please contact us.

RESNET Accreditation Identification Number: 1998-212